Instant Bank Transfer FAQs

Last modified December 12, 2011.

What is an Instant Bank Transfer?

An Instant Bank Transfer allows you to quickly add money to your NetSpend prepaid card account by making an online transfer from a debit card associated with a U.S.-based bank account. You can also invite anyone, including family members or friends to add funds to your NetSpend account using their bank debit card (standard load limits apply).

How do I invite family members or friends to add funds to my NetSpend prepaid card account?

When you decide to invite a family member or friend to add money to your NetSpend card account, go to the ?Load Options? page (found at, and select ?Send Invitation? . An invitation will be emailed directly to the person on your behalf. The invitation will have instructions explaining how the email recipient can register and add money to your NetSpend card account.

Must the sender of funds have a NetSpend card account to be able to add money to a NetSpend card account?

No. To send funds you only need the email invitation from a NetSpend cardholder. The invitation will provide instructions about how to use the Instant Bank Transfer Service.

Does the Instant Bank Transfer service work with any bank debit card?

The Instant Bank Transfer service can be used to send money from virtually any U.S.-bank issued debit card that has either the Visa or MasterCard logo printed on it:

Please be sure your bank debit card has at least one of these logos printed on it. If you do not see one of these logos, this Instant Bank Transfer service is not available. If you are unsure about whether your card can be used to send money using this service, please contact your bank for more information.

How much does it cost to load a NetSpend prepaid card account using this Instant Bank Transfer service?

The person sending the money pays a $1.95 fee for each online transfer (maximum load amount is $100.00). Up to $250 in transfers can be made each day. The fee(s) is added to the load amount and is automatically charged to the bank debit card. Example: If you want to load $200.00, the total charge to the debit card bank account would be $203.90 ($200 plus two (2) $1.95 fees).

How soon is the transferred money available on the NetSpend prepaid card account?

Once the transfer request has been submitted, funds are normally available within thirty (30) minutes.

How much money can be loaded to a NetSpend prepaid account when using the Instant Bank Transfer service?

There is a $250 load limit per NetSpend card, per day when using the Instant Bank Transfer service (other NetSpend daily load limits and maximum card balance limits also apply). If you reach any of these limits, the Instant Bank Transfer will be declined, the transaction will be canceled, and no fee(s) will be charged.

How does the registration process work?

The bank debit card must be registered prior to using it to make any fund transfers to a NetSpend prepaid card account. The sender of funds must go to the ?Load Option? page at to complete the registration process.
The following information is required In order to register a bank debit card:

  1. The sender of funds must provide details about the bank debit card account.
  2. The sender must verify ownership and access to the bank debit card. This is done when the sender confirms a small, one-time test transaction (less than $1.00) that will be deducted from the bank account. The transaction will appear on the sender?s bank account transaction history as ?Vesta NetSpend Trnfr?
  3. 3. The sender must then return to the ?Instant Bank Transfer? page at, where the registration process can be completed. The sender will be asked to enter the confirmation code associated with the one-time test transaction described in Step 2, above.
After confirming the test amount, the bank debit card will be registered and transfers from that account to the NetSpend prepaid card account can begin right away. Note: The test amount will be transferred to the NetSpend prepaid card account, but no fee will be charged.

How long does it take for a bank debit card to be registered?

Although the test transaction is processed immediately, it may take a few minutes for the bank to update the bank debit card account transaction history showing the one-time test transaction.
Upon completion of the registration steps, the bank debit card is immediately registered and it can be used to load funds!

What happens to the test transaction (under $1.00)?

After the test transaction is confirmed, the amount is transferred to the NetSpend prepaid card account. If the test transaction is not confirmed and/or the registration process is cancelled, the transaction amount is returned back to the bank debit card.

How many bank debit cards can be registered to my NetSpend prepaid card account?

Up to three (3) bank debit cards can be registered in connection with one NetSpend prepaid card account.

How do I register a second or third bank debit card to my NetSpend prepaid card account?

To add one or more new bank debit cards select ?Register Debit Card? from the ?Options? menu and follow the instructions described above in ?How does the registration process work??

How do I cancel registration of a bank debit card?

To cancel registration of one or more bank debit cards, go to the ?Load NetSpend Account? page at where there is an option to remove bank debit cards. Cancellation may be needed if the NetSpend prepaid cardholder has reached the three bank debit card limit.

How do I edit a registered bank debit card?

If it is necessary to edit the information about a registered bank debit card, select the 'Load NetSpend Account' option from the main menu and click on the ?Edit? link next to the registered debit card. The address, expiration date, and/or email address for the bank debit card can then be edited.

Can the Instant Bank Transfer service be used to load funds to a NetSpend prepaid card account using a credit card or another NetSpend prepaid card account?

No. The Instant Bank Transfer service supports only online loads from bank debit cards. There are other methods available to transfer funds from one NetSpend prepaid card account to another. These methods include: online or mobile transfers; Customer Service-assisted transfers by phone; and automated phone transfers. Fees apply to some of these methods. Please refer to the Fee Schedule in your NetSpend Prepaid Card Cardholder Agreement for details about these fees.

How is information about the bank debit card kept safe?

Security and privacy are very important to us. We work to provide you a secure experience by using industry leading security technology and adhering to the payment card industry's most stringent standards for protecting payment card information.

To ensure your account information remains secure, never write down your NetSpend account number or share your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password with anyone.

If I invite someone, or accept an invitation to reload a NetSpend prepaid card account, does the other person have access to my account information?

No. If the bank debit card holder and NetSpend prepaid card accountholder are different people, neither has access to the other's account information.

Is it necessary to keep the 'Confirmation Number' and 'Invitation Number'?

Yes. You should keep each 'Confirmation Number' as a reference to a specific transaction. You will also receive a confirmation email after each transaction.

If you receive an invitation to load funds to a NetSpend prepaid card account, you should keep the 'Invitation Number'. You may need the number to gain access to the Instant Bank Transfer service. A convenient alternative to using the 'Invitation Number' is to create a username and password.
Your username will default to the email address where the invitation was received . Note: If you change your email address using the ?Manage Email Address? feature your username will be updated too.

Do I have to register my bank debit card each time I am invited to reload a friend or family member's NetSpend prepaid card account?

No. Once you register a valid bank debit card, you may set up a username and password or you may continue using the Invitation Number to conveniently login without re-registering. If you do not create a password, you will be asked to enter the bank debit card number you previously registered.

I received an Invitation Number. What should I do if I forget my password for the Instant Bank Transfer service?

If you forget your password, click 'Forgot my password' next to where you would provide your password during the login process. You will be guided through the process to reset your password.

If I transfer the wrong dollar amount, what do I do?

Unfortunately, load amounts cannot be changed once a load request has been submitted. We encourage you to carefully check your load request each time before completing the transfer process.

Who do I contact if I cannot register my bank debit card?

If you provided your bank debit card details and received an email confirmation that the registration process was started, but do not see a deduction on your bank debit card transaction history after 24 hours, please call 1- 800-227-9853. Please have your bank debit card number and the confirmation number available when you call.